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Janvier 2015
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Dimanche 12 novembre 7 12 /11 /Nov 10:37
Take a look at this educational kit made by a great French automobile brand
which could be of great interest for junior high school teachers:
"Kit instructions
The themes selected for the kit are directly related to the everyday life of children. Rather than simply teaching the rules of the road, the kit sets out to help children identify dangerous situations, analyse them and learn to understand their own reactions. This will make them more capable of adopting appropriate behaviour to move about in complete safety, in all circumstances."

Download the pupil's  and the teacher's worksheets:

How to use the resource
Teacher's sheet
A summary for teachers
Teacher's sheet

Staying safe



Height looking and listening

Teacher’s worksheet

Paying attention in the street

Teacher’s worksheet

Learning to take responsibility for your safety

Teacher’s worksheet

Getting Around                                      NEW !
Children on foot and on roller skates Teacher's sheet
Children on bicycles Teacher's sheet
Children in the car Teacher's sheet
Understanding the
highway code

Teacher's sheet

The Environment                                    NEW !
In town Teacher's sheet
In the country Teacher's sheet
In the dark Teacher's sheet
Weather conditions Teacher's sheet

 The risks                                               

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